Founded by Stéphanie Bru and Alexandre Theriot, Bruther works in the fields of architecture, research, education, urbanism and landscape. Since 2007, Bruther develops national and international projects such as Cultural and Sport Center Saint-Blaise (2014), Helsinki Central Library (2013) and New Generation Research Center (2015). Bruther stands for a specific architecture, adapted to the needs of each project in order to offer maximal living conditions. Adaptability and evolutivity of the building are fundamentals in the office practice.


3 bis, rue Pelleport 75020 Paris France
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We only accept hard copy portfolios sent by post. Applications made by email will not be considered ● Architect Project Manager (+5 years experience), Requirement ● Architect (-3 years experience), Requirement ● Internship +6 months (+3 years architecture studies).


Antoine Barjon, Hélène Besnard, Pierre-Loup Boisseau, Anne Fabre, Baptiste Fleury, Florian Gick, Quentin Madiot, Camille Marchal, Margherita Massafra, Marion Rhein, Jonas Stamm.



Introduction, 176 pages, 21 × 29.7 cm, 2014, ISBN 978-2-35176-176-2. Editorial Concept by Stéphanie Bru, Julien Hourcade & Alexandre Theriot. Look inside / € 35.00 Order. More information on R-Diffusion.


The Cultural and Sports Center Saint-Blaise has been awarded ‘Gold Winners’ of the Best Architects 16 Award ● July 2015 Bruther will be workshop leader at the Summer School Porto Academy 2015. Among many others: Adrien Verschuere, Amunt, Angela Deuber, Arno Brandlhuber, Emilio Tunon, Guilherme Machado Vaz, João Paulo Loureiro, Johannes Norlanders, Menos é Mais, Pezo von Ellrichshausen, Ricardo Bak Gordon, Sami, Solano Benitez, Wonne Ickx, Xavie Ros ● The Cultural and Sports Center Saint-Blaise has been nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture, Mies van der Rohe Award 2015 ● On November 26th, Stéphanie Bru & Alexandre Theriot will give lecture at Achitektour 2015 of Frankfurt, organised by The Heinze GmbH.

Main Projects:

New Generation Research Center, Caen, (Fr), Invited Competition, Completed, 2013-2015 ● Residence for Researchers, Cité international de Paris (Fr), Under Developement, 2013 ● Cultural and Sport Center Saint-Blaise, Paris (Fr), Completed, 2010-2015 ● Offices, Rehabilitation and Expansion of a High Rise Building, Paris (Fr), associated with Studios Architecture, Under Development, 2015 ● Plein ciel, 60 Housing Units, Mérignac (Fr), Invited Competition, Under Developement, 2014 ● Sciences Center and Aquarium, Tungevagen (No), Invited competition, 2014 ● Super L, 150 Housing Units, Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux (50000 High-Quality and Affordable Dwellings), Eysines (Fr), Under Development, 2013 ● Helsinki Central Library, Helsinki (Fl), Open International Competition, Prizewinner, 2012 ● 50 Housing Units, Limeil-Brevannes (Fr), Completed, 2009-2013 ● Courthouse, La Chaux-de-Fonds (Ch), Open International Competition, 2012 ● Clichy-Batignolles, 160 Housing Units, Day-Care center, and Kindergarten, Paris (Fr), Invited Competition, in collaboration with de vylder vinck taillieu, 2011 ● Good Life, Youth Center Offices and Kindergarten, Lille, (Fr), Invited Competition, 2011 ● Housing Units, Kindergarten and Retail, Paris (Fr), Invited Competition, 2011 ● Icare, Complex of Offices, Retails and Sports Equipements, Lille (Fr), Invited Competition, 2010 ● Visual Arts Museum, Maribor (Sl), Open International Competition, Prizewinner, 2010 ● 25 Housing Units, Paris (Fr), Under Development, 2009 ● Tokyo’s Infradreams, Reconversion of Highway Infrastructures, Tokyo (Jp), 2008 ● Low Carbon House, Avion (Fr), Invited Competition, 2008.


Website designed by Julien Hourcade and programmed by Vincent Lalanne. Model, 3D Design and Photography credits are mentionned in the section ‘More’ related to each project. Copyright © Bruther, 2015. All rights reserved. No part of these pages, either text or images may be used for any purpose other than personal use, unless explicit authorisation written by Bruther.